Accession Therapeutics’ elegant Trocept platform has potential to treat some of the most intractable and widespread forms of cancer. Based in Oxford, UK, it is developing a pipeline of products to the early clinical trial stage. Led by Bent Jakobsen, PhD FMedSci, a pioneer of T cell receptor therapy for cancer, the team is highly experienced in taking immuno-oncology products to the clinic. 

Accession Therapeutics’ Trocept technology, which is being developed by its Trocept Therapeutics subsidiary,  is based on over a decade’s work at the Cardiff University. It has generated exceptional preclinical data and the first drug candidate generated by the Trocept platform is expected to be IND stage by late 2023. The pipeline may be enhanced by Accession Therapeutics through the acquisition of additional intellectual property in due course.

developing novel immuno-oncology therapeutics – combining high specificity and potency to counter tumour diversity 

how the science works
" The past decade has shown the promise of harnessing the immune system against cancer but, in the majority of patients, current treatments fail to deal with the huge diversity of cancer cells leading to transient responses followed by progressive disease. "

"Accession Therapeutics’ Trocept approach enables us to design novel treatments with the potential to deal radically with the full variety and escape mechanisms of tumour cells. "
Bent Jakobsen, PhD FMedSci, CEO
our team
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Ranjeet Babbra, BSc (Hons), MSc
Head of Quality Assurance (QA)  
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Andrew ‘Jez’ Gerry, PhD
Head of Preclinical Development 
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Bent Jakobsen, PhD, FMedSci
CEO, Founder and Board Director
Hans Ivar Robinson 
Board Director 
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Dave Cole, D.Phil
Head of Molecular Science
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Alan Parker, PhD
CSO and Founder of Trocept
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Nick Cross
Executive Chairman
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Johnny Zou
Board Director
trocept pipeline