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With its stealth virus platform technology, Trocept,
Accession Therapeutics is focused on treating some of the most intractable and widespread forms of cancer. Led by immuno-oncology pioneer Bent Jakobsen, PhD FMedSci, the company is accelerating a pipeline of highly differentiated products towards the clinic.

Trocept has generated exceptionally encouraging preclinical data. Accession Therapeutics’ first drug candidate is currently at the IND-enabling stage with clinical trials planned for 2024, followed by a pipeline of candidates engineered to make a step-change in cancer treatment.

immuno-oncology therapeutics
more targeted
and potent than ever before 

How Trocept works - Home
"Accession Therapeutics’ Trocept approach enables us to design novel highly targeted treatments with the potential to eradicate all cells in a tumour, regardless of diversity.

This enormous increase in the ability to target tumours and wipe out cancer cells eliminates many of the drawbacks of current immunotherapies.

We’re the first company to have engineered a viral point of entry to cancer ceIls while bypassing healthy cells - so it’s ‘gloves off’ in the fight against cancer."
Bent Jakobsen, PhD FMedSci, CEO
Accession Therapeutics is developing a proprietary pipeline of highly targeted immuno-oncology products with a range of therapeutic payloads. 
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our team
Highly experienced in taking immuno-oncology products to the clinic.  
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