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creating the ideal immunotherapy
The ideal immunotherapy is highly specific to a tumour, broad in action to kill all cancer cell variants, and potent in activating the full immune system arsenal locally. 

Based on a stealth cancer-targeting virus carrying a transgene for one or more antitumour or immune activator drugs, Trocept is the first approach that meets these requirements.

Watch the animation below to see how Trocept works. 
Accession Therapeutics’ proprietary technology incorporates cancer-tropic viruses, the first time that viruses have been genetically modified to exclusively target cancer cells. 

As non-cancerous cells are not targeted by Trocept, systemic toxicity is eliminated meaning the drugs can be delivered intravenously and traffic to the tumour. 

Trocept’s highly potent and local activity gives it potential in some of the hardest to treat and most widespread forms of cancer. This includes breast, cervical, colorectal, gastric, head and neck, lung, oral, ovarian and pancreatic cancer.

The first drug candidate generated by the Trocept platform is expected to be IND stage by late 2024. 
How Trocept works - Our Science
harnessing the immune system to tackle tumour cell diversity
Trocept is a unique viral technology designed to deliver a broad and potent payload only in the cancer
Intravenous delivery of engineered virus encoding a transgene
not infect normal cells
Only infects tumour cells expressing specific marker
Once in the cancer Trocept delivers a broad and multi-pronged attack.
Virus replicates only inside
tumour cells
Virus release causes lysis of tumour cells
Anti-tumour and anti-viral immune response initiated
Simultaneously it also...
Delivers gene into tumour, causing 
it to produce
therapeutic drug
Therapeutic released into 
tumour area
Accession Therapeutics is developing a proprietary pipeline of highly targeted immuno-oncology products with a range of therapeutic payloads. 
Contact us if you’d like to discuss partnerships or collaborations. 
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